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Commercial Umbrella

One of the highest risk nowadays seems to be from legal disputes or lawsuits against your business. The number of lawsuits that were filed last year was more than in other years, and the numbers of cases are rising.

In most cases, your commercial liability protection may not be enough to provide enough financial protection. Even if your company has general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance and employer’s liability insurance, you leave your business and its assets vulnerable.

By having a Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policy, you can reduce the risks, while providing enough protection for any lawsuit that may come about maximing your coverage.

Those Unexpected Risks

It seems lawsuits come from anywhere. Here are just a few examples of what may happen:

  • A current employee driving their own automobile hits a person walking acorss the street and your company is sued.
  • A person slips and falls and get seriously injured while walking entering your business.
  • A local ad displaying your incorrect phone number is displayed. The incorrect phone number is for another company and they sue your company because the number listed is to their call center, incurring addition costs not associated to their business.

A Commercial Umbrella Policy will help to protect your business against unexpected and potentially financially threatening situations that a standard business policy will not. This is because the original business policy has reached its limits. The Commercial Umbrella Policy would then be used to protect the additional limits needed. Isn’t is better to be protected, especially when a Commercial Umbrella Policy is affordable?