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Our mission at Capstone Cleaners is to offer meticulous customer service and first class textile cleaning. We exclusively use the GreenEarth Cleaning process for our dry cleaning. We specialize in dry cleaning and laundering your day to day garments, as well as cleaning your leather accessories and couture label items.
Unlike traditional dry cleaning methods, our process doesn't use petrochemicals, so it's gentle on your clothes and the environment. Colors stay bright, whites stay white and fabrics feel smooth-even after repeated cleanings. Simply put, our GreenEarth Cleaning process is a better way to dry clean. Finally, impeccable clean without harsh chemicals. It's like an extended warranty for your wardrobe.
What is the GreenEarth Cleaning process? The GreenEarth Cleaning process uses liquid silicone which is liquified sand (made of sand, water, and CO2). Liquid silicone is the base ingredient in many everyday shampoos, conditioners and lotions.
Your wardrobe makes a very clear statement about you, and we understand your need to present yourself well. We are committed to quality and will not settle for anything less than the best results and unsurpassed service for you and your garments.

111 Seaboard Ave #114

Raleigh, NC 27604

Phone: 919-803-2774