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Playing Outside Since 1985.

Asheville Playgrounds is North Carolina's premier design builder of custom, hand-crafted residential and commercial playgrounds. We also craft tree houses, gazebos and foot bridges. We develop each design with your dreams in mind, and often mimic the architectural style of your house or church. At Asheville Playgrounds, we build each unique playground with materials that are time-tested for strength, durability and resistance to the elements. These materials include naturally rot-resistant locust wood, pressure-treated lumber, recycled plastic lumber and composite decking. Each custom creation is then expertly installed at your location.

Have some fun! Explore our website. Enjoy the pictures in our gallery. And when you're ready, contact us to learn how we can get started on your Asheville Playground. (You can even check out our online store for do-it-yourself playground kits, slides and accessories!)

543 Short McDowell Street

Asheville, NC 28803

Phone: 828-225-5868