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SureVest Insurance Group and Gail Parkins 14th Annual Memorial 5K Run & Walk in the News!

SureVest Insurance Group, a family managed insurance company that provides coverage to business and residential clients throughout western North Carolina, is launching a charity effort to bring in additional local support for the Gail Parkins Memorial Walk and 5K Run in Raleigh

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SureVest Insurance Group, a full service insurance and financial planning firm with offices serving the greater Charlotte and Raleigh metropolitan regions, is announcing a charity drive to support the efforts of the 14th annual Gail Parkins Memorial Walk and 5K Run to fund research, treatments, and cures for ovarian cancer.

Founded by Melanie Parkins Bacheler in honor of her sister, the Gail Parkins Memorial Walk and 5K Run has been raising awareness of ovarian cancer throughout the Raleigh community for 14 years. As well, the event generates donations that are provided to Duke University Medical Center to fund ongoing research into the etiology, or major causes, of ovarian cancer.

“Ovarian cancer is especially deadly, killing 60% of those diagnosed, but what many people don’t realize is that early detection means a 90% survival rate, and the Gail Parkins walk is a great way to encourage testing,” says Chris Clark, founder and manager of SureVest Insurance Group.

Clark and his team are building an online social media presence to help spread the word about the charity event to support the Gail Parkins Walk and Run against ovarian cancer. Additionally, SureVest Insurance Group is working up a feature article outlining the charity drive that will be published in the next edition of the firm’s monthly online community interest magazine “Our Hometown”:

SureVest Insurance Group has worked to assist a dozen charities operating in North Carolina over the last two years. Recently, the SureVest team joined the ranks of the national “Agents of Change” charity involvement movement, and as a result will be supporting a new North Carolina charity every sixty days.

Any readers who want to take part in the Gail Parkins Memorial Walk and 5K Run against ovarian cancer are invited by the SureVest Insurance team to visit this page and take action to support the effort: Details on previous charitable causes and nonprofit organizations assisted by SureVest Insurance Group can be found on the firm’s Community Causes listing:

About SureVest Insurance Group

As a Personal Finance Representative in Raleigh, agency owner Chris Clark knows many local families. His knowledge and understanding of the people in his community ensures that clients of SureVest Insurance Group are provided with an outstanding level of service. Chris and his team look forward to helping families protect the things that are most important – family, home, car and more. SureVest Insurance Group also offers clients a preparation strategy for achieving their financial goals. To contact an expert at SureVest Insurance Group, visit or call (866) 632-1531.